Energy Solutions That Work For Remote Communities.

What We Do

We provide communities with the resources required to transition to clean energy systems for electricity, heating, and transportation. We believe in empowering the communities we work with by ensuring that energy systems maximize benefit to the community, through economic development, job creation, waste management, and environmental stewardship.

Our Services

Energy Planning Services

CTCG works with communities to build sustainable futures through a variety of energy planning services:

Community Energy Planning

Identifying and developing holistic clean energy strategies for communities is a comprehensive process. The community energy planning cycle begins by evaluating current energy use to create a baseline, usually including energy from electricity, heating, and transportation. Through consultation with the community and a review of existing plans and strategies, we help the community to establish energy goals and targets. Targets may include elimination of diesel, greenhouse gas emission reductions, job creation, development of community-owned energy systems, alternative modes of transportation, and many more. At the end of this process, the community will have a roadmap of actions with quantifiable outcomes and the tools to meet their goals.

Resource Scans

Resource scans identify the local renewable resources available and estimate the renewable energy generation potential. Resource scans are the first step towards determining a community’s renewable energy options and will quantify how much power and energy can be generated by resources such as solar, tidal, wind, geothermal and hydro. They will also identify potential siting locations. Completing a resource scan allows communities to understand which resources are available to meet their energy needs and merit further investigation.

Technology Scan & Evaluation

Technology scans identify commercially available technologies that harness renewable resources to create energy, which could be in the form of electricity, heat or fuel.  Available technologies are analyzed against pre-determined criteria. The results of this study identify the most promising technologies to be further considered in a feasibility study.

System Design

We take a holistic approach to develop system architecture that will meet the energy needs of the community in the most efficient manner, utilizing as many local resources as possible while optimizing the synergies between supply and demand of electricity, heat, transportation, waste and food. Our design is based on interconnection and oneness of the community. We focus on maximizing the business opportunities within the community by using the most appropriate technologies.

Feasibility Studies

CTCG will conduct a feasibility study to assess the technical, socio-economic and environmental feasibility of energy systems. A feasibility study estimates economic indicators including capital and operating costs, savings compared to the status quo, payback period, internal rate of return, and net present value. A technical evaluation is conducted to determine if the technologies can match the energy demand, outline the potential interconnection requirements, and consider other applicable requirements. Environmental and social considerations are also assessed, such as expected job creation and GHG emission reductions.

Business Plan

Based on the positive outcomes of a feasibility study, CTCG will develop a business plan that outlines the project opportunity for the community and investors. The business plan will focus on the benefits and the risks associated with the project.


CTCG can further support project implementation by facilitating securing financing and managing the engineering and construction contracts for the community.


CTCG is a team of energy consultants ready to tackle energy projects that promote sustainability and economic development. Contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your energy project.

Project Facilitation

CTCG is a resource for communities during energy planning and implementation and can be brought in at any time to assist in moving the project forward.


CTCG is able to advise communities at any stage of energy planning to assist them in determining what is best for their community. As an impartial organization, CTCG can review existing data, plans and project proposals to provide communities with expert advice on feasible projects and next steps.

Leadership and Facilitation

CTCG can work in a leadership capacity to bring together community groups to facilitate decision making with regard to community energy needs and options. This may include community engagement, formation of decision-making groups, and meeting planning and facilitation.


By facilitating strategic partnerships among communities and public and private sector players, projects can benefit from expertise, efficiency, additional funding options, and lowered financial risk.

Funding Assistance

CTCG can provide guidance on available funding sources, assistance with grant writing, and facilitation of partnerships with private investors.

Capacity Building

CTCG can facilitate skills training where and when required to ensure the sustainability of projects, build capacity in the community, and help energy spending remain in the community